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A Male’s First Intercourse by Roger

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: In my girl's bedroom.
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

This is a true story, as accurate as I can remember it, and it is still as fresh in my mind as the day it happened, over 35 years ago. And Yvonne is the most loving woman I have ever known.

Yvonne and I were the best of friends while we were going to business school together and when she graduated we began dating back in the Fall of 1972. She had just gotten a new job and bought a home when she asked me to come over and look at it with her. She showed me all the rooms and when she got to her bedroom, we lay down on the bed fully clothed with her removing her shoes. I was a virgin but she was not, Yvonne being a bit older and having more experience, with a short marriage, ending in divorce.

We lay side-by-side on top of the bedspread, making small talk and kissing, when she somehow wriggled her hand inside the waistband of my tight pants, into my briefs, and grabbed my penis. This brought to my mind an instant flashback of the week before, when we were on a date, and parked close to a street light in one of the city’s parks, in the front seat of my car, her on the passenger side, and me stretched out on her lap, with my shirt unbuttoned, my pants open, and the front of my underwear tucked under my balls so she would have an unobstructed view of my body from the chest to the genitals. After being coy and shy, with a little coaxing she was masturbating me, moving her left hand (like me, she was a southpaw) in a steady rhythm until I arched my back and splattered my cum on the handkerchief I had unfolded on my stomach. Even with my eyes shut tight with my orgasm, in my mind’s eye I could imagine the scene: Three or four large streams of hot sperm and then a series of smaller ones, dribbling down her hand as she milked the last of it out of my hard, throbbing shaft. When I came down from my ecstasy I raised my head and looked at Yvonne, watching her wipe the sticky mess from her fingers using the corners of the cum-soaked hankie.

I definitely wanted to recreate that feeling again, so I scooted off the end of the bed and lowered my tight pants and briefs to my ankles, to give her easier access to my rigid cock. But Yvonne had other ideas. In the time it took me to lower my pants and underwear, she had moved off the side of the bed, pulled off her pantyhose, slipped off her panties, jumped back to the center of the bed, lifted her skirt and spread her legs. Yvonne had the most beautiful legs and feet I have ever seen; her curvy legs were slightly apart, her cute little bare toes resting on the bedspread. She was letting me see her pussy with its gorgeous folds wet with her lubrication, visible in the illumination coming in from the safety light shining through the open window.

Since I didn’t have any sisters, I had never seen a naked pussy before, just the ones in the catalogs with the cleft of their vulva hidden by wisps of panties, making the panties bulge ever so slightly. I gazed at them longingly each and every day; and then I had to clean up the pool of warm, gooey cream I had desperately jacked out of my penis onto the bathroom floor.

I began masturbating when I was thirteen. I was in my mid teens when I began experimenting with ways to simulate intercourse, the first time by blowing up an old air mattress and slipping my cock between the pillowy soft cushions, then another time by using the two sponge rubber bolsters on my bed to sandwich together and putting a new trash bag smeared with hand lotion between them, wrapping my arms and legs around them to hold them together, then inserting my penis into the lotion in the plastic bag, moving my hips back and forth, making my erection glide in and out, until I ejaculated into the wetness. As the semen began to flow hot and viscous around my penis, I wondered what an actual woman must feel like inside.

I was about to find out right now.

I clumsily climbed onto the bed with my pants and underwear still around my ankles and positioned myself between her thighs. She spread her legs even wider to accommodate me. I said, “Will you put it in for me?” and felt her reach down and wrap her hand around my shaft, pulling the foreskin back to reveal the smooth head. She touched the head to her vaginal lips and they felt cold. A breeze from the open window had been evaporating the lubrication from the lips, making them feel cool. Then she pushed my penis head inside her vulva, and for the first time I felt the warmth and softness within her as she moved the head around her vestibule, making it moist and slippery; then she moved my penis down to slip inside the entrance of her vagina. Yvonne moved her hand away and I pushed it slowly all the way up inside her firm, pulsating tunnel until my balls touched her bottom. I was amazed at the incredible heat deep within her, and I pulled my penis back near the opening, and felt her vagina pulling under the ridge where the foreskin is attached to the mushroom head, making the nerve endings tingle, and making me want to push it back in and do it again. It felt so good I knew I couldn’t last long, so I planned to pull out before I ejaculated and squirt on her sleek, flat belly. After less than a dozen strokes, I felt the familiar stirring behind my scrotum, and I knew I was going to come. But instead of pulling out, I pulled back and stopped, reluctant to leave her warmth and comfort, until just the head of my penis was in her vagina, then I began spurting and spurting helplessly within her, feeling my sperm flooding around the head. Yvonne took my load without criticism or complaint, and waited patiently until I had emptied myself in her completely, and was finished.

I pulled the rest of the way out of her and sat on the edge of the bed, my hard-on still in spasms and slick with our combined juices. I was so excited at the thought that I had actually made love to Yvonne, but disappointed that I had risked my beautiful girlfriend becoming pregnant; yet I had done something a man could only do once in his lifetime: I had given my virgin seed to my loving girlfriend’s warm vagina.

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