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A Makeup Test I Shall Never Forget

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: In school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Ok…this is a TRUE story.
Let me describe my Science/Health teacher first
I’ll label her in my story as Mrs.Torres. She is a hot Irish woman who
married a Hispanic man. She has breasts the size of either 36C or 36D.
Her eyes are blue and hr hair is black. Her pretty pink cunt is wide enough
to accomodate my old 6 inch 4 inch wide cock. Her pubic heir was lenghthly and
sheekly colored black. She stand at about 5′ 2″. I always wanted to fuck her ever since I
saw her.

Ok now to the story……….
When I first turnred 13 in January my parents decided to take me to a trip to the UK.
This excited me because I got to cut school. By the time I got back my teacher told me that
I had to stay after school and make-up for a Science test I missed. I went outside of my school
and told my mother to come back around 5:00 PM. When I look at it now I’m glad I told her to come that late..
it was a half-day of school and it was already 11:00 AM, but by this time I didn’t know what pleausre was
in store for me.
I entered her class and Mrs.Torres took of her little overcoat exposing a tight white shirt which made her
symetrical breasts point out in all their glory. I wan’t to suck them so bad that I immediately got an erection.
She handed me the test and looked at my zipper area. She saw the bulge and winked at me. She walked away and sat next to a window to my side.
Then the next thing I know someone else comes in. My classmate who had also missed this test. She was a little late so she apoligized to Mrs.Torres and
promptly took her test. I was stuck on an essay and I didn’t know what to do………I was little dissapointed because I wanted to be alone with Mrs.Torres
so my chances of scoring with her were higher. To my surprise my classmate finished before me and she left. Now I was pleased with the fact that me and Mrs.Torres were alone. Mrs.Torres took her test, still sitting next to the window,
and she waiting for my classmate to leave. When she left she put the test done on the radiator next to her. I could hear her pen clank against the metallic radiator. From my peripheral vision I could see my teacher slighlty lift up her skirt.
I couldn’t she any of her sexy cunt or bush….but seeing this made me immediately hot and horny. She took her right hand and immediately send it to her croch. As she groped for her pussy and clitoris she made little moans of pleasure…..I couldn’t stand it….
I wanted to know how it would feel to be inside her or how it would feel to suck her tits and pussy and make all her juices mix with my suliva. I couldn’t think and it was already 11:50……after she was done masturbating..she got up and put her leg on my desk.
Now I was truely surprised. She reached down for my test and carresed her leg on the way down. I could see her silk panties through her spread legs. She said I was a bad boy and she grabed my test and without looking at it marked it with a 100% percent. She put it down and asked me if I was hungry.
I lied and said yes. She proceeded her query when she asked me if I liked Irish food…..I replied that I am willing to taste anything….at this she lifted her skirt all the way up and exposed her pussy and bush by removing her panties. I could see her clit was large, wet, and throbbing…she wanted it bad.
She asked me if she wanted to try out her Irish food and she pointed to her hot pink cunt…I nodded and I felt my jism build up in my 6″ inch cock. I began by licking her clit…thank God I knew where it was after hours and hours of cyber porn. She moaned in excitement……I liked her medium sized clit.
When I saw how bad she needed it I ran my tongue in circular motion and took her entire clit in my mouth. I sucked it and she immediately grabbed my head for leverage……she was gonna cum. She told me she was gonna cum with a sexy horny voice. Her juices flowed through my mouth. The taste was new to me…but I loved it. When she came
she demanded that I receive a blowjob. I full heartidly agreed. Before we got into a figure 8 I stopped her and ran my left hand around her perfect breasts. Then she asked me if I wanted this first…….and of course I DID!!! She took of her tight shirt and she put my face to her bossom. I conectrated on the right tit first as she held her head back and moaned in pleasure.
As I sucked on her erect black nipples I could she began to masturbate again from the corner of my eye. I took my available free hand and began to finger her. She gave out a huge scream of YES and she told me that I was such a pro and that buy now I shoul’ve came. I looked hungrily at her black nippled as I sucked them. Her nipples were very noticeable while erected and her bumpy black areolas we about 5 inches wide. I kept on telling her how much I loved her and she told me she loved me too. After about 2 minutes of sucking her right breast I moved on to her left tit.
And what she did surprised me. She took her free and began to give me a hand job…YES I EXCLAIMED. She told me that I was bigger than her husband because he was only a 4″ incher…I laughed and asked how she could fuck that thing…she grinned at me and continued to work her hand up and down the shaft of my erect, warm cock.
I took my hand that was not fingering Mrs.Torres and putit on her right tit. I began to fondle them and I repeatedly ran my thumb down her moist nipples. She cried and said “I WANT YOUR COCK NOW!”….she calmed down and said….”I want to taste every drop of you” I followed her order and we formed a figure 8. She giggled at the site of my hot cock…she said that her husband didn’t want to fuck for a few months and that it felt so good to be dominated by someone that was even younger than her. She took my cock in her mouth as I ate her out. She immediately came and that new taste
that I have experienced dripped down my throat again. From what I could feel Mrs.Torres was running her tongue down my shaft and using her tongue to also caress my cock head….after about 30 minutes of fucking and sucking I could feel my warm jism building up in my cock. I told her that I was cumming and she said YES!! She told me that she always wanted to taste my cum ever since I advanced to her class. We came at the same time her juices flowed in my mouth once again and my young semen filled her mouth. I turned around to look at her and I saw that my load was to much for her. Parts of it spilled out of her steamy mouth.
When I was done I turned around so I could face her. We gave eachother a french kiss and we shared my cum in her mouth. I told her how sad I was now that I came and that we couldn’t fuck anymore because she was married. She said fuck him, in reference to her husband, I’m gonna divorce him…I want you…I couldn’t belive what she said. It made me very excited. She looked at me and said. “Oh yeah…you haven’t fucked me up my pussy yet” She sat up and bent over and I fucked her doggy style. My ramrod cock ran through her slippery pussy….she told me how she wished that I came in her pussy instead..she gave me her famous giggle and said that she didn’t care as long as she was getting it.
As I increased the tempo she screamed to me that I was the best she ever had and that no one will ever perform as well I did. She repeated to tell me how much she loved me. After 50 minutes of ramming my warm tool through her love canal she commanded me to fuck her ass. She told me how much she loved anal sex. So I took my moist cock, which was covered with her cum, and inserted it into her black anus. She screamed YES!!! and began to move with the motion of my humps. I began in a slow deeper motion which made her moan slowly but when I increased the tempo she had to get leverage by grabbing onto my ass because I was fucking her to hard. I took my cock out of her and told her that I wanted to fuck her tits. She turned over so she faced the ceiling and
I took my happy buddy and placed it between the make-shift hole which Mrs.Torres made with her abundant tits. I took grabbed her tits and let my thumbs fall on her nipples. I need to grab onto something for leverage. The expression on her face was one I never saw before. She was trying her best to smile but she couldn’t because the pleasure I was giving her was to much…as I fucked her tits she began to shift around. She couldn’t stand the pleasure. I moved my left hand back so I could feel her bush and fucked cunt. I fingered her and I fucked….she screamed and moaned with pleasure. After 45 minutes I stopped dead tired. She came to me and said that she should clean me off so she took my cock in her mouth again and wiped it clean with her tongue. She carefully put it away and then she laid on top of me.
She told me that I was such a good fuck and thought she was gonna divorce her husband for me. I told her that she should. She made me feel so good too….I couldn’t pass this hot vixen up now could I?

So ever since that first fuck I’ve received 100%s on all my Scence and Health tests. Also we continued to fuck eachother twice every week during the school season and even during summer. It got comfortable after she got a divorce because I got to fuck her on her soft water bed in her house. So despite my parent’s demands I quit High School and moved in with Mrs.Torres and became her husband/sex-slave.
God I love Mrs.Torres. In fact we just had sex and she is giving me a blowjob as I’m writting this final sentence down.

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