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‘A Learning Experience’

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: His Parent's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had always had a crush on my best friend’s brother. He was tall, very nice looking, and 3 years older than me. I used to stay over night with Susan every weekend. When she finally fell to sleep Darren and I would make out. This continued for about 4 months. Finally we decided we would go all the way. His parents planned a weekend away, and Susan would be going with them. He would be staying home. I told my parents that I was staying with Susan for the whole weekend.
When I got to their house, Darren had the stereo on, and candles lit everywhere! He handed me a rose as soon as I went through the door. We went into the living and sat on the couch. We watched some tv holding hands. Suddenly I felt Darren lean in toward me and say “Amy, I love you, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I can wait”. I kissed him then and told him that he was all I ever wanted. He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He even closed the door. He stood in front of me as his hands began unbuttoning my blouse. He kissed me, our mouths opened to each other, our tongues twisting, touching, tasting. I pulled his t-shirt free from his jeans and over his head. I starting rubbing his stomach, sides, and chest. He kissed my ear, my neck, my throat. It felt so good I never wanted him to stop. He had my blouse completely unbuttoned and opened. He said he liked my purple bra. He kissed the tops of my breasts as he hooked his fingers in the straps and slid them down over my arms. As he undid the snaps in the back, he began licking his way down to my nipples. He had touched them before but never with his mouth. I felt my belly begin to tingle and could tell he was arousing me more than I had ever been. I had my hands in his hair as he sucked my nipple into his mouth. With one hand he squeezed and rubbed the other one. I moaned his name and just kept saying “please… please.. please” Our hands slid down between us as we both undid the other’s jeans… I pushed him back and as he stood there his pants undone, underwear showing through. I slipped my jeans down to the floor. Standing in only my panties, I asked him to take his off. He took his boxers off with his pants. I had never seen his penis and I was shocked at the size of it. I asked him how long it was. He said “8 1/2″ but don’t worry, if you can’t take it all, I’ll be very gentle with you.” He knelt down in front of me and put his face against my panties. He said “Amy, Oh God, you smell so sweet” He kissed me through my panties, and I was embarassed by the wet spot I knew was there by now. He slipped my panties down and off to the floor. Still on his knees, he began to kiss my pussy, he even pulled my hair with his lips. He then pushed me down to the bed. He pulled me toward the edge so my pussy was right there for him. He began licking my pussy now. He licked the outside lips. He took my hand and put it down to my pussy and told me to spread myself for him. I did what he asked and as he licked and sucked my pussy and clit, he licked and sucked my fingers. Suddenly I came so hard, I actually screamed his name over and over. He came up to lie beside me in the bed. I began kissing him and starting kissing my way down his body. I wanted to taste him like he had just tasted me. My hand reached him first and I could feel a little drop of wetness on the end. My mouth closed over the head of his cock tasting that drop of pre-cum. I sucked and licked him until he pulled me up to him. Again he asked me if I was sure I wanted to go all the way. I kissed him deeply and told him YES! NOW! He rolled me over onto my back and kissed me some more. While he licked my nipples and sucked them, his hand was rubbing my pussy. I felt him slide his finger inside of me. He whispered he knew I was ready because I was so wet. He raised up and got between my legs. I felt his cock against my pussy lips. Just as he pushed the head of it into me, he kissed me. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth as he slid a couple more inches inside. I felt stretched and as he shoved forward even more I felt a burning there, then a quick sharp pain. I must’ve cried out because he stopped and asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was, and wanted him completely inside of me. He slid all the way in now. The burning was still there, but he didn’t move, He just lay there inside of me, kissing me. He began to move then, I thought he had changed his mind because he slid almost completely out of me, but then he just slowly slid back in. He began to make love to me faster, and faster. His mouth was against my ear, I could feel his breath and hear every sound he made. He slid his hands under my ass and lifted me up to him. The new angle made him go even deeper. I began feeling another orgasm coming. Suddenly I was coming, quivering, shaking, and pulling his ass toward me. I cried out his name over and over. Within a moment of my coming, he came too. I didn’t know I’d be able to feel his come, but I did. It felt warm and good inside my pussy. He kept telling me how wonderful I was, and how good it felt when I moved under him, how good it felt to have my hands on his body. I don’t think he lied, either. We were married in the fall of 1997. 🙂

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