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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my school
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I have always imagined fcking the shit out of a nice piece
af ass with a tight cunt. I would always cum so hard when
I pictured fucking a girl on the teachers desk, man! I didnt
think theat it waould actually happen!! It was exit day and
everyone was at the gymnasium to see the seniors practice for their
graduation. I was alone in the biology room with this latino
girl who had the hottest looking legs and the most firm round
ass, and her tits!! Man, they were just the right size for
someone to titfuck! Her name was Jasmine and I did not know her
too well except that She had a great body and I imagine her
having a tight pussy that she would dove for me to stick my tounge into.
We started talking about this being the last day of school that
we would go to and about the teachers that we did not like.
Then we started talking about our sex-ed class and how the teacher
didnt know how to teach it. We started talking about how it is like to
fuck someone and you just have to do it to learn. Jasmine
said that it feels better for the guy and I disagreed. I said
not for me when I have sex the girl is gonna come so hard
that she will go numb. Jasmine asked what makes you think so?
I said, you want me to show you? SHe said, What you wanna fuck?!
yeah, I said, and I know you would enjoy it. So she stands up
and walks over to me and says, you couldnt handle me. I smile
and say ,there is only one way to find out. I grab her waist
and hold it to mine and grab her ass under her skirt and feel
the texture of her underwear and the firmness of her ass and
she lets out a moan of pleasure while she feels my cock bulging
hard as a rack through my pants. I kiss her neck and slowly take
off her shirt and unfasten her bra and fell her tits against
my shirt I lower my head and suck and lick her tits all over
suck her nipples and hear her gasp uuhh!! I pull her skirt down
and rip off her underwear so she’s completely naked, I took off my shirt
so she wouldnt feel like the only one not wearing a top. I
lay her on the teacher’s desk and carress my hands from her
neck slowly around her tits a few times, go over her tits,
caress down her stomach over her thighs with one hand each,
then I looked into her eyes, kissed her lips kissed down her
neck slowly breathed on her breasts licked around her breasts
for what felt lide a minute kissed,licked,and slightly bite
each nipple as I heard her gasp aaah! aaah! yes!. I licked down her stomach and licked each thigh
all around, then I licked around the lipsof her pussy and hear
her gasp again i stuck my tounge in her slit and felt her shake
and heard her grunt, I then licked her clit and felt her shake even more
and hear her say oh! OoooH God! I was so hard and wanted even more, so I stuck my finger in all the way
in and out while I licked her clit over and over. She started
to make pelvic thrusts and screaming in Spanish Odios mio! AAH! AAH!
while she lie down. Then, she came all over my lips and Ilicked
around her pussy to take it all in, thats when I knew to stick my cock in,
and thats what I did. It was so hard, and she was so warm, tight, and wet. I fucked her
hard in and out for 15 minutes while she kept shaking and sreaming oh! fuck me
more please! you make me feel so good!! Oh yeah!! oH! baby!
I was fucking her pussy and sucking her tits and after I sucked her tits
I would look into her eyes Which made me get even harder inside her.
I would say you have the tightest cunt! you slut! like it you like it you whore! THen, I came inside her and
I felt my cum go inside her and heard her
scream yes! uuH! aah! Then I pulled out and we both just got up, sat on the
desk, got dressed and right when we were about to leave
a teacher came in and asked if there was anything wrong.
I said, so everythingg is just fine. Now Jaz and I are good
freinds and fuck about 4 times a week.

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