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9 1/2 weeks

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I met Kelly while I was a senior at MV. She was a very intelligent junior who was a top swimmer for our school. My best friend set up a double date with her and her friend. The four of us went to SF for great night. While my best friend putting foot marks on the inside roof of my car while playing with date, I proceeded to be a gentalmen with this very attractive 5’6″ green-eyed blonde.
Two weeks later we went out for the first time by ourselves. After dinner I was scambling for ideas of what to do becasue my friend bailed on us, so I started driving. She asked, “Where are we going”? I replied that she should not worry. I had no idea! Finally we were back in SF on Ocean Beach. It was around midnight and on the horizan was a lightning storm that was breath-takingly beautiful. That is when we had our first kiss.
Over the next two months a strong bond formed between us that was unbreakable. Physically we progressed to grow comfortably with each other, not going to fast or two slow.
During spring break we decided to spend the day down in Santa Cruz on the Boardwalk. Most of the day we were on the beach enjoying the sun and the view.
And was the view ever so delicisous! Being a swimmer she had a firm and tan body that screamed touch me! While applying san tan loation to this bathing beauty I tried to conceil my noticable tent in my shorts. Her ass belonged on the cover of Victoria’s Secret. I could rub her little butt all day.
Late in the afternoon the temp began to fall, so we climbed into my extra large sleeping bag to keep warm. We began to kiss. Our kissing became heavier and our hands were begining to explore. As I rubbed her ass she would grind into my hardness. In no time our bathing suits are outside the bag. Her gorgous little body and mine are in our birthday suits for the first time together. Being in the sleeping bag there was not alot of room for manuverablity. We were both becoming more and more excited with the realization that nothing in the world could come between us with our love.
I did not think we would have intercourse because I did not bring the rain suit. But she answered that question when she guided me into her hot wet blonde pussy. The warmth and tightness around me was unbelievable. I stroked her very slow so the feeling could intesify. After about 10 strokes I stopped before I would come. We continued to kiss, but this time a sense of fullfillment had engulfed us.
Feeling good and confedent I entered her again continuing with the slow pase trying everying I could from thrusting as hard as possible to send us over the edge, but it would not happen this time. Talk about blue balls on the ride home!
When I returned to school I felt like a new man walking down the halls. Over the course of the summer we had sex just about everyday sometimes 3 times a day. Then I went off to college and while I would see Kelly on the weekends, the feeling was never the same. She left for college a year later and our love continued to thin. After 2.5 years we ended the relationship and moved on. She was my first and I would not change one part of our special day on the beach 9 1/2 weeks into our relationship, because it was a dream come true.
I love this site. There needs to be one where we can tell our most “wild” time. I could write for days!

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