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8×6 inches

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

well, it all started when i visited on of my female friends at home that day. she was home all alone. we sat there talking and basically hanging around for about 2 hours. i finally got bored and went into her room to take a nap…she follows me in and lays down next to me with her ass rubbing against my dick. she then turns around and whispers something into my ear and proceeds to pump my cock. next thing i know, our clothes are on the ground and she is laying on her back waiting for me to enter her. i put on a condom and turned so she could see the full length of me. her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. i mounted her…her pussy was big but surprisingly tight. i fucked her on her back for about ten minutes, she then asked to go on top where she proceeds to ride me like a wild animal. after about 5-7 minutes her body began to tremble and she came all over my dick and collapsed on my chest. i wasnt about to let it finish that easily. i flipped her over into a doggystyle and began to bear down onto her pussy. we fucked for about 2 hours and she came 4 times. the next evening me and the boyz were at a local club and she appeared. my boy turns to me and asks WHY IS SHE WALKING WITH A TWITCH…i could only laugh to myself.that shit was good. let this be a listen: a tight pussy is not entirely a small pussy. and in her case: know what you are getting into.

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