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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was in my room, I was bored as hell so I called my best friend Monica over, she brought our friend Andy over too, we sat wondering what to do, Mon said she was horny and we all started laughing, we told our horniest storys, which weren’t all that horny cause none of us had had sex before, Mon was 16 like me and Andy was 15, we decided to play a game where we put sexy dares on all the numbers of the dice and rolled them. After a few french kisses each with Andy, Mon rolled a 4 which was for me and her to kiss, she leant forward and pushed her lips against mine, I could see Andy wanted more so I opened my mouth and gave her a full on french, she pulled away for a second, but I knew she enjoyed it, we’d talked about having feelings for girls as well as boys and that we’d like to experiment a bit more, we stopped and laughed because Andy had a boner, then Mon whispered to me that we should make him cum, so we told him to get on the bed, him being a horny teen didn’t argue, Mon sat on his chest and kissed him while I pulled his pants off, then I tied his feet and hands to the bed posts, Mon took her top off and took my hand, we started making out infront of him, then we stripped off and touched each other, he was so hard, Mon walked over and climbed on his chest again, she started sucking him off, he moaned and closed his eyes, I crouched over his face and he started sucking my clit and licking my pussy, it felt so good, Mon made him cum and we licked it off of him, then we messed about with each other until he got hard again, then Mon sat down on his hard cock, she squealed as it popped her cherry, I can tell it hurt her but she bounched up and down, she told me to bend over the bed so my pussy was over her face, she started sucking my clit and eating me out, it felt better then when Andy did it, I came all over her face but she kept going, Andy came inside her and she got off of him, she untied him and said we should fuck, she sat on the chair the other side of the room and started fingering herself, Andy bent me over the bed, and rammed his hard cock into me, it hurt a bit but I loved it, I screamed and told him harder, he slammed it in, deeper than I thought it could go, so hard that his balls slapped against my ass, Mon sat on the bed I was being fucked over and spread her legs, she pushed her pussy in my face and I ate her out, by the end of the night we all had like 8 orgasms each, we didn’t tell anyone about it but we did it again several times. Now Mon and Andy go out and I have my own boyfriend, but I will never forget those times.

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