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2 of a kind

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: in my ute
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Hi it was a very warm night in summer of 69 ,we had just come home from the drive in pics ,laying on the front seat of my ute chatting I was under neath my girl nothing much WAS HAPENING JUST jiggles and kissing suddenly my girl coral grabed my cock and told me she wanted me as she was soooo wet as I had not treid it on her since we had been going out steady for 3 months (true) as an old type of fella my belief was wait till marriage ,but her experiance hand got the better of me and she pumped me dry then sucked me off before we again made love.
I was flabagasted and could not belive what had happend she then invited me to come over and meet her friend pauline the next day .
pauline was a lovely blond with bright blue eyes and a fig 8 body we had a few drinks when carol my girl started to kiss pauline I asked if they were lesbians ,both said yes my rod went hard and my hand was up both girls to see if pauline had balls as I did not think girls kissed like that did but no both had wet pussys and were great we had fucked each other for hours . we ended up making love all day and often a threesome at the pics most saturdays.
Im now learning the art of pussy sucking and the girls are are learning the art of cock sucking were still together with our familys and loving it as if we were stil 22 and a virgin.

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