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2 good friends

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: friends apt
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was at my friend Dave’s house. We were playing some Nintendo game and his friend Tom showed up. Tom was hott. i was coming onto him, and he accepted my moves by making some of his own. Dave looked annoyed at our game and continued to play his Nintendo.
I was wearing a short skirt and Tom ran his hand up my leg. He started to rub my pussy and I felt my juices soaking into my silky thong underwear. Tom stopped and grabbed my head. We started making out. i played with his tongue as he did mine.

I pulled Tom to the floor so not to disturb dave and his game. Tom pulled off my shirt and Unsnapped my bra before he pulled them both off. He started sucking on my tit. He traced my nippled with his tongue and he gently nibbled on the tip.

I couldnt help but feel bad for dave. he had it for me for a long time and i knew that him watching me do this with his friend was killing him.

I crawled over to dave. he was sitting on the couch with his feet on the floor. I pulled my hands up and unzipped his pants. he was hard from watching me and tom go at it. I pulled oyut his huge knob and stuck it in my mouth.Dave leaned back making pleased noises.

Tom saw the position I was in and took advantage of it. He pulled my skirt up and my thong down. His dripping member found its way to my wet hole and Tom slipped it in. I was lifted off the ground with the first thrust. I screamed and started to choke on Dave’s cum. I spit it out and kept sucking. With every push I got from tom, dave’s large dick was getting shoved in farther down my throat.

I felt Toms hands work their way to my breast and he played with them. I felt him pinch my nipples and a chill ran through my body.

Dave started to buck. I knew he was going to cum. I wiggled out of tom and I pulled dave to the floor on his knees. I manuvered his penis to my pussy. Tom shoved his in my ass. I was getting done on both sides, and I loved it. I could feel the two penises rubbing together in me. I came with just the thought of it.

I was sandwiched inbetween two very hot guy. I fell limp, and they supported me. Tom had his hands wrapped around me and were grabbing my breasts.

I leaned forward and started to kiss dave. I ran my hands through his sweat soaked hair. I felt dave cum, and then fall imp. He pulled out and we kised. I ran my hands along his back and I felt him getting hard again. Tom cummed and He pulled out too.

Tom was kissing my neck. I pulled my lips from dave and pushed him and tom together. I crawled away and watched them as they kissed. Thier two large dicks rubbing together. I watched at tom got on his hands and kneesa and dave did him anally. I fingered myself as I watched them.

I couldnt take it anymore and I crawled over to tom. I crawled underneath him and wrapped mylegs around him. he went in me. He bucked and thrusted and pushed so hard i was screaming without realizing it. I tightened my legs around him and I orgasmed.

I fell on the floor and crawled to the couch. I crawled under a blanket and watched as the two of them got in a 69. I heard moans of pleasure. I started to finger myslef again and after I cummed I fell asleep.

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