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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My best girlfriend and I lay relaxing on her bed, reading the latest issue of our favorite teen magazine together. As usual, we were laughing at the pathetic letters in the “Sex and Body Help” column. One letter in particular was about a girl who thought she was having lesbian feelings for her best friend. My friend and I giggled, but it was very uncomfortable for us. For awhile we sat in silence, staring at each other nervously. Finally, she tossed her ash blonde hair and said, “Let’s get a shower.”
She and I always showered together, ever since we were very small. Of course, we no longer showered naked, being quite modest, so we wore our swimsuits in to continue gossipping in the shower. We faced each other, talking about what guys were jerks and what guys were hot, while we washed out hair. My shoulder length, dark brown locks looked even thicker when wet, while her thin, blonde curls looked pewny in the stream of water. I couldn’t help but stare at her massive, wet breasts. They had to be at least a C cup, if not bigger. My breasts, however, barely filled out my bathing suit, but while I had always been ashamed of my A cup, they were rather perky, and my nipples stood proudly through the thin bathing suit material. I looked up and noticed that my friend was staring at my breasts. Jokingly I said, “Hey, are you staring at my tits?” She didn’t answer, but looked at me and then began seductively washing her own huge mounds. I stopped laughing and slowly began rubbing my own tiny titties.
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl?” she asked out of nowhere, still lathering her breasts.
“Well, yeah, I have wondered. What about you?”
“Of course I have. But the thing is, I have always wondered about you. I mean, the way your nipples poke out of that bathing suit, God, I just wonder what they look like without clothes on.” Her voice had a deeper, raspier quality to it now, and I grew wet just listening to her tell me her fantasies of me. Without a word, I reached behind me and untied my bathing suit straps and allowed the top to slide to the floor, my bare little breasts exposed, nipples erect. “Oh god, they are beautiful,” she moaned, reaching an eager hand out and cupping one. She squeazed it, all the while groaning to herself. When she was rubbing both of my small tits, I gathered up the courage to untie her bathing suit, watching her enormous, round bosoms tumble out of the skimpy suit.
“Fuck, they are huge.” I grabbed them both roughly and began rubbing them, especially the hard, pink nipples that were about the size of a silver dollar. The eroticism of feeling another girl’s breasts was driving me insane, so I bent over and began sucking one of her titties. She dropped my breasts and moaned loud and low, caressing my buttocks now. After I licked and sucked her tits, she returned the favor, and I have never felt pleasure like that before in my life. She began to kiss her way down my stomach, finally pulling down my bikini bottom to reveal my thick tuft of hair and my dripping pussy.
“Let’s go to my room,” she whispered breathily. I nodded, wrapped a towel around myself, and walked with her to her bedroom. I stood there staring at her, wondering what we had just done and if she thought it was a mistake, but she answered my questions in one sentence. “Gimme that tight little pussy of yours, now!!!” I dropped my towel and she pushed me onto the bed, rubbing my tits, and moving her head between my legs. I spread my thighs for her, feeling her tongue flicking my clit and then delving inside of my tight little hole. “Shit, it tastes so good, you have no idea. I could eat you forever.” She swung her hips around so we were in a 69, and I yanked off her bathing suit bottom, revealing her thin, wiry, light brown triange of fluff. She spread her legs to reveal the pink wetness that I craved, and I hungrily began to lap at her clit. “Yes, that’s it, eat my cunt,” she encouraged, rocking her pelvis in my face.
“Oh shit, you taste so sweet, too.” I slid my tongue in and out of her, moaning and hearing her moan. Finally, after we both climaxed, we agreed never to tell anyone about it again/

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