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12 year old Lolita

Age when it happend: 30-41
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Her name was Lynn, and she was just 12 when i met her. a small girl, 5 foot less than 100 pounds, creamy white freckled skin small probably 32aa boobs, but a VERY well shaped body that was VERY sexy. Strawberry blonde hair and, and strawberry blonde bush too. Although there wasn’t much or any when I first saw her little pussy. I am 6’2″ 185 pounds I was a sub teacher in one of her classes and she offered to help with attendance the first day. We made eye contact and it was just one of those moments that males/females have. we both knew we would someday have sex? But she was just 11 and i was more than twice her age. I was there for 3 days and she made sure i knew she thought i was handsome and she would brush up against me whenever she could. well one day there was a knock at my door and i was just getting out of the shower, the knock got louder and louder so i went to the door in my towel. it was lynn, she had ridden her bike and she and i both were kinda embrassed. i didn’t even know she knew where i lived? she was selling some stuff for school and i told her to come back later and i would get some. she said she would just wait and sat down in my living room. i finished in the bathroom and she went in to use it and closed the door only half way and i watched as she took down your pants and panties to pee. wow she had some curves, kinda boyish but yet curvy. i was dressed and bought the items and she kissed me on the check to thank me. after i was sure she was gone i jerked off with her pussy image in my mind. a few days later on a sunday i think she was back with my items and we talked and she told me how much she liked me and wanted to do things with me and i said like what, she smiled and said you know? i told her lynnn you are only 11 years old but she said it doesn’t matter to her. but i said it does to me and the law. she said for a few hours and i sat down next to her and after a time i fell alseep for a short time and when i woke up my hand had slide down your leg and was just resting on your crotch! i could FEEL her heart beating thought her little pussy lips, neither one of us moved for a long time. she told me later she cummed that time just by my touch. anyway she got up and went into my bedroom and i was in the kitchen and she called me to come there she wanted to show me something. when i got there she was naked from the waist down! she had taken her pants and panties off and was sitting on the corner of my bed with one leg up on the bed and one down on the floor. god what a sight i knelt down to take a better look and it was beautiful. I could smell her when i walked in the door. I had to walk out of the room i didn’t know what to do but told her she had to get dressed, i wanted to fuck her so badly but knew i couldn’t? she asked if i was mad and said i wasn’t but it was hard for me to control myself when she was nearly naked. she laughed and she didn’t want me to be in control. this was in the spring and she was 11, with her birthday in october. much of this type of activity continued though the summer, but no sex. teasing and talking about sex. i told her that on her 18 birthday i was going to fuck her ALL night long and she kept saying it will be before than? I told her that night she was on the corner of my bed half naked was the closest any girlfriend of mine ever got to getting fucked and it didn’t happened she just laughed and said i was just trying to get your attention. she let me see her naked often, and even jacked me off a few times as she stood naked behind me. I have NEVER wanted to fuck a pussy more than i did her little beautiful pussy. By fall she was starting to show her red pussy hair, and i had examined that little body from head to toe, even have her spread her pussy lips so i could see her clit. she wouldn’t play with it in front of me, but loved to see me jerk off when she was naked. even once let me cum onto her belly. her boobs were not evendent and her little pink nipples would bet hard when she watched i even remember seeing her pussy lips shine with her sexual lubicant coming out of here. i don’t know how i would control myself but i did. i wanted her SOOOO bad. twice that hot summer we even took showers together, the first time she spotted by ridding her bike and i was in the shower she was hot and asked to get in with me and i said sure, but i didn’t believe she would she did! the next time i asked her to get in with me and she said ok, and i said i want to get you undressed myself and she like the idea. but i told her we needed to wait. when then in the early fall she got a BF and it was the schools principal son. great i thought that will be the end of our times together. but it wasn’t. one day i came home and her bike was there. she knew where i hide the key. i went in and i yelled lynn and she said i am downstairs folding your laundry for you and i said ok. i went into the bathroom and took a leak and went down to see her. WOW when i got there she was completely naked and she wasn’t folding any laundry, she was on a spare bed down there and she said tomorrow is my birthday and i want my present from YOU early. i said lynn are you sure? she said yes i am positive. she said she wasn’t a virgin anymore she did it 2 times with her new BF and she wanted me SOOOOOOO badly. i told her i wished she had waited but its ok. i asked it if it was good she said it was like overrated it lasted only like 1 minute and he cummed. i tried to talk her into waiting but she was laying with her hands behind her head and her legs crossed and when i said lets wait she spread her knees apart and said are you sure? god my dick was sooo hard i laid down next to her and kissed her and said i can’t she pleaded and i said are you sure, she said yes do you promise to never tell anyone she said yes and finally i said are you sure you are ready? yes yes yes she said. she pulled off my shirt and undid my pants i pulled them down and off and i tried to just dry hump her with my underwear on but she pulled them down and grabbed my throbbing cock. she said she never realized it was this big until i was over her getting ready to put it in her. i fingered her first one finger than two to get her ready she was super wet and dripping all over, but she was tight too really tight. but she was humping my fingers already she was sooo horny i asked one last time are you sure she said yes i put the head inside her and let her get accustommed to it girth and told her to grab my hips and control the depth it went in she was panting and i sucked on her little titties for a few minutes with my cock buried half way in her pussy. i had to hold still myself cuz i didn’t want to cum right away, i too was sooo horny i had waited for like a year for this moment. she could stop pumping her hips so i bit down on her tit and told her to lay still or i would be cumming before she or i wanted me too we talked about some of our other talks and times together. i raised up and looked down to see my large, she says to this day the biggest she ever had, cock half way in her little pussy. her lips were so swollen and red that i was surpised i could even get it in her i had to look away i was so horny, her little creamy pussy lips with hardly any hair on it and my hairy pecker in it! I told her ok lets go and we started she was pumping so hard and me too, twice i asked her to just lay still so i could control my ejaculation she tried the best she could then we pumped each other for like 10 more minutes and told her i wanted us to cum together the first time and i started pumping her like hell and she started to giggle than she said now now and i shot a HUGE load into her and she was twitching and her legs were twitching and she started to moan and moan. she told me that was her first orgasism with a guy and her first ever. the other time my hand touch her cunt it wasn’t an orgasism. the next friday night she told her mother she was going to the HS football game and then staying over night with a friend, but she came, unexpectedly to my house. well the second time was a charm for sure. ALL night long she had 6 orgasisms and i had at least that many. She completely drained my balls, i was still hard but i couldn’t cum anymore there was no semen left what a night. She and i both were sore and raw the next few days bad but it was worth it. we have carried on this relationship for 11 years and done it EVERYWHERE imaginable? Hundreds if not thousands of times, just from that first eye contact at her school. just before she married just days before she came to my house to tell say goodbye and i was again in the shower well we said our goodbyes in the shower then in the bedroom for another few hours.

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